Queens International (2018)

Editors: Whitney Mallett, Carl Swanson
Source: Baseera Khan

The Queens International is an art biennial distributed throughout the borough. Queens Museum assistant curator Sophia Marisa Lucas and her co-curator, artist Baseera Khan, joined forces to assemble 43 artists and collectives, from across 15 distinct neighborhoods, for the eighth edition. β€œVolumes” is co-hosted by select branches of the Queens Library, making it even more democratic. In this way, Queens is, itself, either by design or coincidence, very much on display β€” and with all the news about coming corporate-driven gentrification, it’s an opportunity to better understand the diverse, cross-generational patchwork of people from all over the world we stand to lose. Still, if you don’t live there, or only live in one part of the borough, it can be hard to find your way around, which is why we’ve made this art guide.

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