Print All Over Me (2017)

In 2013, siblings Meredith and Jesse Finkelstein ran with a simple idea: Give folks the tools they need to create, share, and own their own designs, and set up a system that brings them to product. That vision has since become the overnight production juggernaut Print All Over Me (PAOM), and with ventures across art, design, and fashion, it operates at a sweet intersection of the creative industry.

PAOM's impact depends a lot on whom you ask. "I think that the design industry in particular has been the most welcoming," Jesse Finkelstein said in a recent phone interview. "I think for fashion, it's taken a little longer for them to catch up, only because there's something destabilizing about a company that's democratizing design. I think as far as tech goes, similarly, it's taken a little bit longer to understand it, just because tech and manufacturing don't always go hand in hand. The art world has also been very welcoming, because they see us very much as a tool."

That the sibling-run operation has carved out a specialized space in under five years is reason enough to take pause; but here's the real clincher: Every piece of custom-made clothing, furniture, and product available on the company's platform is hand-cut, hand-sewn, and manually assembled.

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