Sougwen Chung (2018)

Contributor: Lindsay Howard
Source: Sougwen Chung

β€œAre we at the onset of a new, collaborative imagination of radical new inter-subjectivities? What does it mean to collaborate with the spaces we inhabit, the tools we build? Where does β€œI” end and β€œwe” begin?”

These are, among others, the questions artist Sougwen Chung poses, both in her practice as well as in her forthcoming group exhibition at Mana Contemporary, "Only Human." Her contribution to the show, which opens Sunday, April 29, is the culmination of her year-long residency at Nokia Bell Labs. Throughout the course of her tenure, Chung collaborated with in-house engineers to advance her ideas and workshop her prototypes.

The following interview was conducted on Friday, March 23, 2018. From the day-to-day minutiae of working with the engineers, to imagining the future of human communication, the conversation that follows aims to enrich the dialogue surrounding the intersection of artistic production and technological innovation, and serves to document the unprecedented possibilities that fusions between these fields are able to yield.

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