Petra Collins (2016)

When she isn’t staging photoshoots for Voguerunning her online arts collective the Ardorous, or giving interviews about her work, Petra Collins is often dreaming about public art commissions and other passion projects aboard flights to and from New York and Toronto.

I last spoke to Collins in March, following a performance piece that she and fellow Toronto-based artist Madelyne Beckles collaborated on at this year’s Art Production Fund gala. In that time, among other things, Collins directed a music video for pop star Carly Rae Jepsen; published a zine of photographs called “24-HOUR PSYCHO;” and mounted a solo exhibition in San Francisco.

At the moment, Collins is working on a new book of images which New York-based publisher Rizzoli will be rolling out next summer. “It’s one of the most personal things I’ve ever done,” Collins told me in a recent phone conversation. “I was shooting my entire family and childhood friends and my old neighborhood.”

From starting out as a dancer, to why fellow millennial artist Alex Da Corte is iconic, here’s what Collins had to say about the state of the art world today.

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