JiaJia Fei (2016)

When the Jewish Museum in Manhattan’s Upper East Side announced its newly-created digital director position at the tail-end of 2015, the institution, which was founded in 1904, made it known that they were ready for a change. Enter JiaJia Fei, then the Guggenheim’s associate director of digital marketing.

The symbiotic union gave way to a revamped digital strategy, access to their encyclopedic collection, and a number of interactive, runaway exhibitions—the most recent of which is titled “Take Me (I’m Yours),” which runs through February.

We caught up with Fei to talk about her year with the museum, what she’s been up to these days, and where she draws inspiration. As it turns out, Fei takes a cue from institutions beyond the art world. As she told artnet News in an email: “If NASA is able to help people better understand rocket science through social media, museums should rise to that same challenge.”

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